Saturday, April 6, 2013

My FAVORITE Organic Make-up: 100% PURE

As you know from a previous post, I mentioned my issues with finding a skincare/ make-up line that I can count on to help my skin.  I struggled with different companies, (clinique, especially).  So next step was to find a PURE make-up with no chemicals and also listed ALL the ingredients for me to look at.  The more I thought about it, Clinique never listed the ingredients on their products.  That worried me a little.  What exactly was I putting on my skin?? Who knows?!?

 I remember listening to a JILLIAN MICHAELS podcast and her make-up artist-- PAIGE PADGETT (Green Beauty Expert) was a guest and she talked about how important it is to have natural make-up on your skin.  I thought it was interesting but didn't really pay too much attention to actually USING PURE MAKE-UP.  But after trying so many products that was leaving my skin just HORRIBLE.  I thought it was time to investigate and experiment.

My first trial was with ECCO BELLA.  I bought their Sunscreen & Liquid Foundation.  I really liked it and still do.  I still use it from time-to-time for a nice blemish concealer.  It's a bit heavy for me though cause I FINALLY figured out that I shouldn't be buying liquid foundation, I should be buying powder make-up because I'm more susceptible to oily skin (I'm really slow on this make-up thing).

Next, I decided to try 100% Pure, which is highly recommended by Liz Wolfe (author of Skintervention- Which I highly recommend checking out).  I knew I could trust her judgement.  So I made a couple purchases as an early birthday present :)   I was SOO excited to try out their products.  It literally took 2 days to ship, because they're based in California.  The items I purchased was Healthy Flawless Skin Foundation Powder in White Peach along with a Kabuki brush-- Which is INCREDIBLY SOFT on the skin.  I was really scared it may be too pale but it's PERFECT!  It more-so blends with your skin color. It makes my skin look so soft (but not powdery-like some I've used)  I feel like I could wear it all day.  It stays on all day too!  I would say though you may need a concealer for those annoying blemishes.  I also purchased a face scrub, called Carrot Facial Scrub--Which I am obsessed with.  Right now that's all I use to wash my face with (as an experiment, because it's so PURE), because my skin is super sensitive.  It leaves an amazing softness and glow after washing.  And it's not rough at all.  You can use the scrub as often as you like, which I use it daily, 2 times a day.  It doesn't DRY out my skin, it leaves it feeling amazing!

Neither of the products I've purchased irritate my skin.  Both products make my skin feel and look amazing!

The only downfall of this company is that they SELL OUT FAST!  If you take a close look, some of their products are SOLD OUT.  I was fortunate enough to be interested in items that were not.  I e-mailed them asking when some of their products may come in, they promptly informed me 6-8 weeks...EEEK! Sucks, but I just plug in my e-mail, and they will inform me when certain products are back in stock.

I'm definitely going to look into some of their other products---cleansers, moisturizers, lipsticks, mascara.  AHH I'm so excited!  I "100%" trust their company- Mostly because they list ALL their ingredients which come from natural resources- mostly Fruits & Essential Oils!  How cool is that!

So Definitely check out their Website, 100% PURE!

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